“Hidden Valley Preschool has been an extremely positive experience for my son.  The environment is very inviting and conducive to learning through both structured activities and free play. The director is open and attentive to any questions, concerns or suggestions I have during this critical stage of my son’s development.

My son loves going to school each morning and often races me to the car so we can get there sooner.  I’d definitely recommend this preschool.”

– Joe

“Our twin boys loved going to Hidden Valley Preschool.  Every week they were greeted with a brand new theme; camping, dinosaurs, space, valentine, sports among many others!

Hidden Valley Preschool has a great mix of academics, crafts, creative play and our boys couldn’t wait to show us what they had learned every day!  We would highly recommend Hidden Valley Preschool to anyone who is looking for a nurturing environment where your kids can begin the preparation for kindergarten both academically and socially.”


“Our daughter has attended Hidden Valley Preschool for two years. Like many parents, we were looking for a school that was safe, nurturing, creative, with focus on the academic building blocks our daughter would need for kindergarten. We wanted her to enjoy learning, develop new skills, and build confidence in her abilities. She wanted a place where she felt happy, everyone was nice, and there was a lot of fun stuff to do. We all found what we were looking for at Hidden Valley Preschool.

Our daughter knows her phonics, can count to 100, knows basic math skills, and has created numerous art masterpieces. She also has built a robot out of boxes, tried new foods, learned about cultures from around the world, created puppet shows, made her own board game, played gym games, the list goes on and on. This is not only a fantastic preschool, more importantly, it is an amazing learning community. A community where the students genuinely care about each other, encourage each other, and cheer for each other. It’s a community where the teachers care for, respect, nurture, and support our children like they were a part of their own family. A community where parents are always welcome and our children are proud to be a part of. Hidden Valley Preschool is a community you
will want to be a part of too.”

-Kerri & Craig Chilcote

“We visited MANY preschools in the area and knew the moment we entered Hidden Valley that it was the best place for our daughter. We live on the opposite end of the city but the quality of staff and the overall presentation of the school was something that we could not pass up. With a late summer birthday, she will be one of the younger students in her kindergarten class and we wanted to ensure that her year in preschool would prepare for the start of her elementary school
years. Hidden Valley Preschool has exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the program. With a curriculum that is second to none, she has been exposed to an exciting and fun filled environment of continuous learning. We had planned to send our daughter 3 days a week but after the very first week the impact and value of the program was so apparent that we immediately began sending her full time. Each night before she goes to bed she asks if she “gets” to go to school tomorrow!”

-Ryan and Lindsay Kern

“We could not be happier with our experience at Hidden Valley Preschool. Our son has thrived on the small class size where he is able to work on his independence yet not get lost in a crowd. He is excited to learn and play with his preschool teachers and friends and we as parents are amazed at what he has learned this year. The teachers truly care about the development of each child, offer creative lessons and themes and provide detailed feedback about our son’s progress. This is our first experience with preschool so we didn’t really know what to expect. Our son is very fortunate to be attending such a fantastic preschool. We will definitely be sending our youngest son to Hidden Valley when the time comes!”

-Trista and Colin Anderson

“My husband and I chose to send our daughter to Hidden Valley Preschool when she turned 3 years of age and we are both glad we did.  Throughout the last year, we have seen the commitment the teachers make to teaching without putting pressure and the wonderful rapport they build with each child. In our opinion, great teachers make a great preschool program and Hidden Valley Preschool definitely has that important quality. The other most important factor is that when we had our daughter in another preschool prior to Hidden Valley enrollment, she did not like going there.  Most of the time she cried when we dropped her off which made us feel so guilty every time we dropped her off, where at Hidden Valley Preschool, she is not only happy to go there, but we see the excitement she displays when we talk about going to school.  We highly recommend Hidden Valley to any family.”

-Tom & Tigist

“True talent shines from this school by fully preparing each student beyond academics for kindergarten, it also instills genuine enthusiasm and fun in learning and going to school. My daughter has a deep sense of pride in her school and the roles her friends and teachers have in her life and her own involvement in this community. Hidden Valley Preschool welcomes preschoolers into a nurturing and encouraging learning environment for little people to go beyond academics and build a strong foundation to be successful students.”

-Hidden Valley Preschool Mom

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