• 7:00am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday
  • After care available from 4:30pm-5:30pm
  • First Day: Monday June 15th, 2020
  • Last Day: Friday August 21st, 2020
  • For ages 33 months – 6 years 
  • 10 weeks of summer fun!

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Daily picture updates
  • Pools and water play
  • Nature-based playscape
  • Gardening
  • Picnics
  • Themed weeks

7:00—9:30 students arrive, free play 

9:30 gather for story and snack

10:00 free play and activities outdoors

11:50 gather for activity, song, or story

12:00 lunch

1:00 quiet time

2:00 art projects

3:00 snack

3:15 outdoors 

4:00-4:30 students are picked up

(4:30-5:30 after care available)

2020 Summer Session Weekly Themes:

Week 1: Camouflaging Critters: June 15th-19th

Come along as we scan oceans, forests, deserts, mountains, plains and polar habitats to find masters of camouflage. We’ll learn about different types of camouflage used by predators and prey alike. 

Week 2: Summer Scientists: June 22nd-26th

Our ever-curious preschoolers will test out their ideas and study the results as we navigate a week brimming with science experiments and sensory explorations including nature, ice, color, and simple chemical reactions. 

Week 3: Fourth of July: June 29th-July 3rd

We’ll prepare for the upcoming Independence Day with science projects, crafts, books, songs and, of course, lots of red, white, and blue!

Week 4: Farmer's Market: July 6th-10th

It’s time for Miss Katie’s favorite part of summer: berry season! We’ll explore our food every step of the way – from a seed in the garden to an ingredient in our kitchen baking adventures.

Week 5: A Camping We Will Go!: July 13th-17th

We’ll be building our own campsite as we learn about the tall trees growing all around us. 

Week 6: Things With Wings: July 20th-24th

Bees! Butterflies! Birds! We’ll be looking to the skies this week as we study the animals flying and buzzing by our school. 

Week 7: Things With Wheels: July 27th-31st

We’ll travel every inch of the school via land, sea, and sky this week! Students will explore with trains, planes, trucks, boats and more. They’ll even build their own road and vehicles.  

Week 8: To the Beach! August 3rd-7th

Dive into 5 days of sand and water play.  We may even pay a visit to nearby Lake Superior… 

Week 9: Backyard Explorers: August 10th-14th

Join us as we search our backyard for the unique homes of our animals neighbors: from bugs under logs to birds in the treetops and everything in between! 

Week 10: Wacky Water Week: August 17th-21st

Celebrate the last week of summer session as we build our own little Hidden Valley water park – exploring water through sensory tables, pools, science experiments, and water walls.

Daily Summer Session Payment Schedule

  • When available, we offer daily sign-ups at the rate of $42/day.
  • Payments for daily sign-ups are due in full on or before your child’s first day. 
  • You may add an extra hour of care from 4:30-5:30pm for $5/day.

Full Summer Session Payment Schedule

  • You may add an extra hour of care from 4:30-5:30pm for $5/day.

(due with registration)

Payment #1 (due June 15th or first day)

Payment #2 (due July 20th)


5 days/ week





4 days/ week





3 days /week





2 days/ week





We designed our Summer Session with our families in mind.

We created flexible options to accommodate differing needs for summer care,

be it the entire summer, or just one week of “summer camp”.

If you are new to Hidden Valley Preschool, and are interested in signing up for the 2020 Summer Session, please e-mail Katie for information about availability.

Please include in your e-mail:

  • your child’s name
  • your child’s age
  • what kind of schedule you are interested in:
    • whole summer, full time, five days a week?
    • whole summer, part-time, four, three, or two days a week?
    • by the week?
    • by the day?
  • any other questions you have

Students are admitted to HVP on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Priority enrollment consideration is given to re-enrolling students and siblings who meet all admissions qualifications. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, disability, or national origin.