When Missy’s own children were in preschool, she saw many families struggle with transporting their kids between daycare and preschool while working full time. Parents wanted the benefits of a preschool with the intimate setting of a daycare. From this, Hidden Valley Preschool came to be!

Missy’s specific vision included two teachers (one licensed) to split the day and avoid burn out. It was important to her to keep things fresh and exciting by rotating all learning tools and toys weekly. Missy also interviewed several kindergarten teachers from the area and asked how Hidden Valley could best equip its students for kindergarten.

At the preschool level, we prepare the children academically through play while focusing on building social and emotional skills. Statistics show that children learn through play, but at HVP Katie, Tara, and Missy have worked hard to develop a plan behind the play. Hidden Valley Preschool is truly a kindergarten prep school.

Paisley and Baker in box pic