June 2018 marked some big changes for our little school. Katie Rosenthal, who has been the head teacher since we opened in 2010, took over as the new owner and director. We also moved to our new location at 4409 London Road. We are continuing HVP’s mission of preparing students for Kindergarten through play with hands-on activities, games, music, and ever-changing topics of study. However, now we get to do all of that in our new, bigger space that is full of fresh opportunities for outdoor play and discovery.

Check out before and after pictures of our new school!  

What’s the Same:

  • Our teaching staff
  • Emphasis on play
  • Hands-on exploration
  • Rotating weekly themes
  • Healthy, organic snacks
  • Small neighborhood school
  • Daily photo updates for parents

What’s New:

  • Building devoted entirely to the school
  • Open for a full 10 week Summer Session
  • .45 acre lot for more outdoor learning
  • Conveniently located on London Road
  • Kitchen for students to help prepare snack
  • Katie Rosenthal, Head Teacher since 2010, taking over as Owner and Director