Focus on Play
Preschoolers learn and make sense of their world through play. As teachers, our role is to provide them with opportunities for dramatic play, hands-on exploration, and discovery-based learning. This fosters problem-solving, perseverance, and development of social-emotional skills. We have also consulted local Kindergarten teachers to help prepare our students for their next big step. We introduce these academic concepts through games, songs, and play.

Communication with Parents
We believe that partnering with parents is vital for the success of our preschoolers. We offer picture updates multiple times a day so parents can look in on what their children are doing throughout the day. We talk with parents daily, and correspond via phone calls and e-mails to address parent concerns. The nature of our small school allows us to adapt our plans so each child can thrive.

Emphasis on Kindness
We feel a profound responsibility to continuously model kindness and respect for our students. We help them practice kindness towards each other, solving conflicts calmly and supporting development of their emotional regulation skills. We always strive to prepare our students academically, but place a high priority on guiding their growth as they become increasingly empathetic, respectful, and helpful people.

Food Allergies and Sensitivities
We have had experience with food allergies and food sensitivities and are happy to accommodate children with special diets to ensure HVP is a safe environment for all. In fact, since many children have food allergies and food sensitivities we ask that our students bring non-edible “treats” to share with their friends on their birthday, such as stickers or coloring books.

Organic Snacks
The children bring a lunch from home every day that can be kept in the school refrigerator. We pride ourselves on providing balanced, nutritious, organic, non-GMO snacks. We have received training in the Growing Healthy Eaters program from the Early Sprouts Institute and enjoy educating the children on food and healthy eating.

Eco-Healthy Child Care ® Certified
A national program that ensures child care settings are as happy, healthy, safe, and green as possible by reducing children’s exposure to toxins. Our school uses only Earth friendly, perfume-free cleaning products and hand soaps. We do not use bleach, scented candles, or air fresheners. We use No-VOC latex paints and do not paint when children are present. Teachers and the preschoolers only use non-toxic art supplies approved by the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI).

Fresh Air
Twice a day, every day, our preschoolers play outside – biking, sledding, swinging, and climbing. Only rain or zero degree windchill keeps us indoors.  Lucky for us, we have our own indoor “sport court” large enough to ride bikes, play with our parachute, and throw balls.

Outside Specialists
We provide multiple opportunities for outside specialists to visit our classroom, such as the zoomobile, a music specialist, and our local fire fighters.

Weekly Rotations
We rotate learning tools and toys EVERY WEEK based on a different theme, or topic of study. The kids cannot wait to come each Monday morning and see what is set up in the school. This keeps things new and exciting and encourages exploration and creativity.

Summer Sessions
Beginning in the summer of 2018, HVP will offer a 10 week summer session. This is a great opportunity for families needing year-round care. As a part of this summer session, we will also have some space available to sign up for just one week of care. This is a wonderful opportunity for preschoolers to see their classmates again over the summer and a great transition for new students before they begin in the fall. Open enrollment will begin February 20, 2018. Learn more here.

teacher Paisley pic