No, we are a preschool and accept only preschool-age children ages 3 – 5.

No, we currently only offer 12 full time spots.

Yes, you can choose to send your child for a shorter day, or even plan on slowly lengthening the amount of time your child stays each day. You can also choose to take a full time spot and send your child for less then 5 days per week. The tuition is still a flat monthly rate, regardless if you choose a schedule that is less than full time.

We have a student/teacher ratio of 12:1.

We see such a benefit in mixing these ages. The children are very aware of the “older preschoolers” or pre-kindergartners and look forward to being one of the older kids the following year. The older children take their “teaching” role very seriously as they are asked to show the younger ones how to do things and they are expected to set the example.

Yes, we offer a quiet time every day. We feel it is important for everyone to disengage for a half hour each day and have some “down time” even if they do not fall asleep. If your child still naps, they have the opportunity to sleep up to an hour and 15 minutes.

Hidden Valley Preschool is open for the school year and closed in the summer. Our start and end dates coincide with the Duluth Public Schools, however, we do not follow all of their days off. We close for the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving and are closed for 2 weeks at Christmas. We do follow the Duluth Public Schools closures due to weather.

We are happy to accommodate food allergies/sensitivities.

Yes, we offer 2 parent/teacher conferences throughout the school year. We also communicate through emails, phone calls, and monthly newsletters.